November 8

Today I can report that all the farm field work for 2011 is complete.  The spraying for 2012 has been finished by John, and last night, I got the disking done on the Huey farm.  Right now, it’s sunny and pleasant, near 70F, but rain is predicted before evening.

The combines and trucks have been cleaned already, and they are put away for the winter.  John is now working on the 9220 tractor, cleaning it and getting it ready for the next owner; it has been traded off.  (See the posting for  September 9)  It will take quite some time to remove the two-way radio, and the wiring harnesses for the video and GS2 rate controllers.  The sprayer has been cleaned also, and for the same purpose… a new home.  John has already been to the dealer in Ireland, Indiana to see the new sprayer; he seems pretty pleased with the new one.

It’s now time to turn our full attention to preparations for 2012.  I think the P&K fertilizers have been spread, so what remains is some construction work with Shepards to improve some surface drainage at the Huey farm, and some drainage tile in the big “Pond” field.   We will also install some drainage tile at the Waldo farm, and improve the entrance at Downen.

There will be meetings, beginning on Thursday, that will determine our selection of a metering system on a new ammonia toolbar, and next week we will sit down with our seed suppliers to choose varieties and hybrids for 2012.  We will also be meeting with our tax advisor to map out our year-end strategy.

So, the focus may change, but there is always something to keep us occupied.

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