Arrivederci, il mio cavallo

Yesterday, Ross and Rhoda loaded out one of their favorite and successful horses, Rossgo.  This horse is now on its way to Italy.  A few weeks ago, a lovely Italian girl, Elisa, came here for some training; she liked the horse so much, she asked her papa to buy it for her!  The transaction for the 16-year old American Quarter Horse took place.  First, Rossgo will travel to Gainesville, Texas for a special quarantine.  Under the specifications of Italian authorities, when the quarantine is over, he will be loaded on a special KLM plane to travel to Amsterdam.  From there, Rossgo will be transported by truck to his new home near Lake Como, in northern Italy. Click here to see Rossgo’s new Italian home.

Ross had mixed emotions about selling this special horse.  But, he says, “Rossgo was a star here in America.  Now he can live out his life in competition and at stud as an Italian star.”

This is the special truck that came on Wednesday to take Rossgo to Texas. It was a Pennsylvania truck, but its driver was from Ocala, Florida. Rhoda says this is the most safe transport method possible for a horse.

Rhoda and Ross say 'goodbye' to Rossgo in the truck

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