In the shop

The shop work continues today, more trucks get their engine oil changed, as we inspect them and prepare them for bringing in the fall harvest of grain.  Each tire will be checked for proper inflation, all fluid levels made right, and every grease zerk will receive lubrication.  It’s not a glamorous job, but by going over the trucks now, it reduces the chance of a break-down during the rush of harvesting.

Another bonus is that it’s much cooler today, 55F right now, so it’s more comfortable to do these jobs today than during last week’s days in the 90s and 100s.

The shop's white board, showing the list of the trucks and other machines that will be getting serviced.

About the trucks, the “Pete” (’05 Peterbilt, and John’s favorite)  has been finished, the “Vision” (’05 Mack) is in the shop right now, with “Vanna” (’94 CH model Mack.  It’s white, so the guys call it ‘Vanna’ after the lady on the TV game show, Wheel of Fortune) and “Red Stripe” (’90 Mack) yet to go.  The trucks get an oil change every 7000 miles or annually.  Some of the trucks don’t roll up that many miles in a year.  The combines will also receive an oil change and lubrication; I noticed the JD 9770 combine has 254 engine hours on it when I was installng the GreenStar screen yesterday.  I like to change the engine oil on the combine at about 250 hours.  Last to receive service will be the Unververth model 1110 grain cart, mostly because it’s stored in the back corner of the building.

So, as the day progresses, we will become more and more ‘ready’ to go to the field.

The "Vision" receives some attention to the trailer: tire inflations, and lubrication.

John is working underneath to lubricate the trailer suspension

John greases the front suspension and steering of the Vision truck

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