It’s Labor Day, and I’m in the farm office this morning to get some bills ready for tomorrow’s mail.  We are all sighing with relief because the heat of last week has disappeared.  As Pat and I were driving to a wedding on Saturday evening, the car’s outside temperature guage registered 101!  This morning, the thermometer shows 59.  We received a bit of rain ( .3 to .5 inch, depending on who you asked) and it was very welcome.  Another inch or more would also be welcome for the double-crop soybeans.  Even so, we are pretty optimistic about the upcoming harvest, which will likely begin by a week from today.

Today, Pat and I are going to travel to W. Lafayette to visit our son Ben at Purdue.  Seems like a long time since we’ve seen him.  He will be flying around noon today, and we hope to get a glimpse of him as he’s landing.    He’s a very happy camper when he’s at the controls of an airplane; you can just see it on his face that he is doing what he is designed to do.  We’re hopeful he will find work in the airline industry when he completes his Purdue training.  His farm background we trust will be an asset to him as he finds his career in the skies.

Small note:  we have for several years had our own domain name  (carnahanandsons.com)  that we have used for email.  Now we have made it possible for you to view this website by going to www.carnahanandsons.com   We hope soon to find a way so that web address will become the way to find us on the internet.   Stay tuned.

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