Green Carpet Event

Yesterday about noon, Ross, John, Philip and I visited the Green Carpet event at Tri-State Speedway, Haubstadt, Indiana.  It was sponsored by our John Deere dealer, Wright-Stemle, Jasper, Indiana.  Several hundred farmers from the region gathered to view the newest offerings of JD equipment.  Among many other things, new 4wd tractors and new combines were introduced.

From atop one of the new combines on display, here is the line-up of new tractors on the green carpet.

And another of the attractions, of course, was the lunch provided.  Ribeye steaks from the Beef House in Covington, Indiana was the fare.  Topped off with peach or blackberry cobbler with ice cream!    It was not a surprise that John and I were fascinated with the new stuff painted green.  Just as Ross has a preference for red equipment, John and I have been accused that we ‘bleed green’.  I was impressed with the new tractors and combines, although the next scheduled combine purchases will come with the ’14 models.  I am interested in upgrading our 6-year old 9220 to one of these new models, probably a 9360R.  We will consult our cash flow soon to see if that is an appropriate decision.  My gut tells me ‘yes’, but the numbers will give the true answer.

We did enjoy the meal and seeing all the new stuff.  We are also nearing a decision about a model 2510H 23-row ammonia application machine for next spring, and we found it on display yesterday– our first impression was a good one.

Thanks to the good folks at Wright-Stemle for a pleasant day, even if the temperature was sort of hot (93F).  The big tent was made more comfortable with chilled air blown in.  Their hospitality was great, I even saw folks being driven back to their pickups by W-S employees on Gators!  And, oh, after that lunch, we all thought we needed a nap!

John, Philip, and Ross discuss the new green machines they're seeing

John, Philip, and Ross walk the 'green carpet' to view the new tractors

John points out a new feature to his Uncle Ross

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