Final Day?

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

This could be the last day of corn harvest for 2023.  If we have a reasonably productive day, we should be able to finish off the corn for the year.  Yes, we have a truck out of commission, two flat tires yesterday, and a broken chain on the red combine (should be an easy fix).   But, even with those challenges, we are in the last field of corn, and hoping today wraps up corn #harvest23.

These were the culprits that flattened two trailer tires on Tuesday.

If the weather allows, we have a couple fields of double-crop soybeans that will be ready for us tomorrow, but rain is predicted tonight.  Not all the DCB appear to be ripe and ready for cutting. If that is really the case, we may have to pause the harvest a few days to allow them to dry down.  But hopefully, we can finish off #harvest23 completely next week.

It’s been a good fall harvest, with a new record yield for soybeans for us.  I don’t think the corn will finish off with a record yield, but it will be close.  For all the dry weather we experienced in August-September, the crops are coming off pretty good.  We are grateful.

Ryan loads a truck at the Huey farm. The trees around SWIN are just beginning to show some fall colors.



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