#harvest23 is started

Wednesday morning, September 20, 2023

Well, we got started!  We went to harvest corn on Monday afternoon, after the crew from MAS finished the repair to our wet bin.  (That repair is another story… John made arrangements with MAS last December, and they finally arrived last Wednesday!  The finished repair is terrific…worth the wait)  But when the first truck came in to be unloaded, a drag conveyor under the wet bin failed.   So, we filled the 4 trucks and that was all the harvesting done the first day!

This breakdown required the services of Montgomery Welding.  I cannot say enough good things about how prompt they were to John’s call.  They came and cut off the bad end of the conveyor, and then re-created it from scratch in their shop.  Yesterday morning, they returned with the fabricated assembly, and connected it back to the drag conveyor.  Good as new!   We were going again by 1030 am!


This end of the drag conveyor wrinkled up, so Matt from Montgomery Welding just cut it off to replace it.

Here, Matt is fastening his fabrication to the old part of the conveyor. It worked like new!

Yesterday was a beautiful harvest day, not a cloud in the sky, and 80ºF (27C).  The combines worked very well as we picked corn here at the main farm.  Larry and Bill were our truckers, Ryan ran the grain cart (very well, I might add), and John ran the elevator/dryer.  The corn was coming in at 19-22% moisture, and with a good yield.

Just some random pictures of a pretty-good first day…


We will harvest corn again today, hopefully that will bring in enough to fill our September contracts.  We will try soybeans tomorrow, weather and crop conditions permitting.  The beans just don’t look to me to be fully ripe and dry– lots of yellow leaves still clinging to the lower parts of the bean-stalks.  But reports from the neighbors say theirs look like that and they are cutting beans at 10% moisture!   I hope that holds true for us when we try tomorrow.  If they are <14% we will continue…greater than that, I’ll want to stay in corn for a few more days.  But there is some urgency to soybean harvest, too.  We also have some September contracts of soybeans to fill!   Plus our 2024 wheat crop needs to be planted in some newly-cut soybean fields.

Yes, it’s complicated, but we are confident it will all work out.   We are pleased to get going, and have a good crop to bring in.




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