2nd combine ready

Friday, September 8, 2023

Today, the guys got out the S780 combine and hooked up its 712FC corn head.  They got all the internal and external settings made on the combine, and thoroughly inspected both.  Near the engine, they discovered a bare wire that had been chewed on by mice.  Brandon repaired that as best as he could.

They guys even blew out all the air filters.

They ran the corn head several minutes to warm the oil in the gearboxes.  Then, they checked the oil level in the gearboxes–which was A-OK in each of the 12 rows.  After that, the head drivelines were lubricated, and the gathering chains were coated with chain lube.  Finally, the header height control and folding system checked out okay too.  The combine was put back in the shed with the corn head attached.   It is as ready as we can make it.

Brandon runs the header to warm the oil in the gearboxes.

After the wrench and grease work, the fuel tank was topped off and here Brandon is filling the DEF tank.

It is a sunny afternoon, and the temperature is 79ºF (26C).   This should help the corn dry down a bit.  I’m still estimating a harvest start date (in corn) of September 18.

Green combine:  Check.

Red combine:  Check.

4 semi trucks and trailers:  Check.

Grain Cart and tractor:  Check.


Have a good weekend.  We will.


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