Monday, October 17, 2022

On Friday evening, after a big week’s worth of corn harvesting, we took the combines back to the main farm.  On Saturday morning, each machine took a turn in the shop for a servicing.  The engine oil and filters were changed.  That took most of morning.   In the afternoon, Brandon took the red combine out to the field to get a sample of the double-crop soybeans (DCB).  To my surprise, they more than dry enough to cut, so we began Saturday afternoon in earnest to begin harvesting our 2022 DCB crop.  It was a good Saturday.

The JD S780 came into the shop Saturday morning for an oil change.

Loading the Pete

The grain dryer doing its thing on Thursday night.


It was good to get back into soybean harvesting.  The weather has been exceptionally favorable for our fall harvest.  (Although, we do need a rain on the emerging wheat crop)  The corn has been producing pretty good yields, but not very much of it has been dry enough to just place into storage, without going through the dryer.  These days of soybean harvesting will allow the ‘solar dryer’ to do some additional work on the standing corn, and hopefully when we return to finish it off, the grain will be dry enough to go straight into storage.  The other benefit of some soybean harvesting days is that it will allow the guys to deliver corn to market on our fall contracts and make room for the corn we will bring in on the last few days of harvesting.  Yes, even with the new grain bin, we ran out of room in our corn bins!  The guys are delivering already this morning, creating space for the last of the corn to come in.  We have about 200 acres of corn yet to harvest…that should take two days or less.

Pat captured these pictures Saturday afternoon as we worked in the DCB field around the house.

Brandon’s working in the ‘mailbox field’.

We are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  With some good days, #harvest22 could come to an end next week.  It’s been good.  PTL!

Have a great week.



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