A busy harvest week

Friday, September 30, 2022

As we wrap up the month of September, we look back on a busy week.  We were in the fields harvesting every day.  The weather has been very beautiful… dry and sunny and breezy.  It was an especially good week for harvesting soybeans, even if the dew was heavy each morning, delaying the start of the combines until right at noon.  So, we are grateful for the cooperative weather, and the progress we’ve been able to make this week.  The forecast still shows no rain in sight, so we hope to continue today and tomorrow.  We do not plan to be working on Sunday.

Larry has made progress each day with planting the 2023 wheat crop.  The specialists at Nutrien blend the seed in with the granular fertilizer, and use a special ‘air-flow’ spreader to apply the mixture to the field.  Then, Larry comes along with a disk to work the stuff into the soil.  We’ve used this ‘broadcast’ method for planting wheat for more years than I can remember.

Some pictures from the week.

Here are our trucks lined up in the early morning at ADM Newburgh

Nutrien spreads the wheat and fertilizer blend…

…and Larry disks it into the soil

Harvesting soybeans this week at the Burke farm.

A nice sunset on Wednesday.

We’ve been waiting for months on this new mower.  We figured it would not come until next spring.  It arrived this morning!

Have a pleasant weekend everyone!


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