A change of trucks

Friday, August 5, 2022

This week, we were able to bring home a NTU (new-to-us) truck for the farm.  A few weeks ago, Brandon had arranged for the purchase of a late neighbor’s Peterbilt.  It was this neighbor’s pride and joy, and his widow was pretty selective on who she wanted it to go to.   She sold it to us because she believed it would be ‘well taken care of’.  And that is our intention with this NTU truck.  It replaces the Kenworth we sold a few weeks ago.  Brandon is already putting his special touches on this truck, and I think it is receiving the TLC that the previous owner’s widow would prefer.

Brandon and his NTU ride

The stickers on the doors turned out nice

Brandon added some newer style LED headlights

He also added a sticker to honor our neighbor, the previous owner. We’ll call this one the “Tony Truck”.

We received another significant rainfall yesterday afternoon, 1 to 1.4 inches (25 to 36mm), depending on the location.   It came fast… in about a half- hour.  It probably will not allow us to mow the yard as we had planned for today!  Late July and early August have been unusually wet, quite a contrast to large areas out west that are begging for rain.  We’d have plenty to share if we could do so.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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