Good start

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Well, we did get wheat harvest started yesterday, and it went pretty well…mostly.  There were a couple surprises:  The grain was drier than we expected which allows us to place it directly into storage or deliver it to market without going through the dryer.  The other surprise was that one truck had a problem with the brakes, and it is now back at VoMac in Vincennes to get repaired.  So, the first day had one thing that was tough to deal with, but we are grateful for the yield and moisture content. Thank the Lord for the good yield!

The combines were pretty shiny at the start of the day. But they are coated with dust now!

Unloading some pretty wheat into the grain cart.

We will take some time late this morning to measure two areas for a special yield check.   That will require some extra trips to Robinson’s for empty and full weights, and formal grading.  Our wheat consultant has entered 2 of our fields into a ‘yield contest’.   That’s very unfamiliar territory to us, but he is optimistic that our yields will be competitive.  We will see!

Having most of the wheat here at the main farm sure makes it more convenient for John to keep up with the trucking, and it allows that 2 trucks are sufficient to keep up with the combines.

Gonna be a very hot one out there today, predicted 98ºF (37C).  Should be comfortable in the combines.

Keep cool and have a great week!

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