Pretty soggy again.

Friday, October 15, 2021

It’s a beautiful, sunny morning, but we got another rain overnight.  1.8 to 2.2″ (46-56 mm).  So, the progress of #harvest21 is stopped again.  Of course, the trucks are busy today, delivering grain to markets at GPC and ADM.  We are running low on room in the bins, and we still have fall delivery contracts to fill.  GPC recently closed deliveries for a week, receiving only non-GMO corn during that time.  That has slowed our corn hauling, but the trucks kept busy going to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana, and to Robinson Grain, just across US 50 from us.   Because of this bottleneck we have experienced now for a few years, we are contemplating the construction of another storage bin in time for #harvest22.

We took every possible opportunity to run the combines in the field during this week.  Monday night’s rain made us switch to corn for Tuesday, then late that evening, we cut some soybeans.   We were run from the soybean field with rain Wednesday morning, and we moved to another location to harvest corn once again.  We got done with that farm last night, and moved the combines home to the shed–we were watching the forecast.  Sure enough, we got a big rain overnight, and we are not sure we will return to the fields until Monday at the earliest!  It’s been a more challenging fall, with frequent rains, making us switch back and forth between corn and soybeans more often than we’ve seen for several years.  I guess we’ve been kinda spoiled with dry fall weather for a few years.  It’s been a long time since we’ve worked in very much mud.  Today, as we view many of the fields that we have already harvested, we see standing water– that makes us grateful those fields are finished!

We still have about 25% of our corn crop to bring in, and about 15% of the soybeans.  Then, there are the double-crop soybeans (DCB) which will take about 3 good days to cut.  They look like they are almost ready to go, too.  So, we are praying for a string of sunny and dry days to allow us to march the rest of the way through #harvest 21.

As the fields are ‘cleared off’ from the 2021 crop, Nutrien is soil sampling, and applying the 2022 granular fertilizer products, mostly for P, K, plus S and B and other micronutrients.   The price of this fertility is significantly, shockingly higher than for 2021, which causes us to scrutinize our practices even more closely.   So, even after the combines leave the fields, there is still a lot of activity going on!

We have built some new WASCoBs, and just yesterday got the cover-crop planted over them.  Those got tested in a big way last night!    But it is good to know they will greatly reduce water erosion where they’ve been built.

One good thing… this rain will allow me to go for a sorely-needed haircut!  Thanks to Darlene for working me in today!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Some pictures and video from the week…

The camera in the grain tank helps me prevent #cabcorn

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