Bean week

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The weather has been quite cooperative this week, and we have lotsa soybeans ready to cut.  We are using these sunny and hot days to harvest ’em.  We had fog this morning, so we won’t be getting quite as early a start as on Monday and Tuesday.  But, once we get going, it should be another good day.   The soybeans are leaning over somewhat…they’re not standing perfectly straight as we have been accustomed for the past several years.  A big rainstorm in August pushed them over.  But… good news… the MacDon FD75c and the JD RD40F headers are doing a great job capturing them…the fields have that ‘shaved’ or manicured look after the combines pass over them.

And every dry and warm day that we use to harvest soybeans is allowing the ‘solar dryer’ to work on the remaining corn crop.  Perhaps it will get dry enough in the field so that the dryer will not be needed!   That has happened in the past, maybe again this fall.

We are using the time while the fog clears away to fuel and DEF the combines.


The ThunderCreek fuel service trailer simplifies and speeds the process this morning.

Really good days of soybean cutting

We could work a little later last night, but eventually it got ‘tough’.

Lots of construction activity going on here, too.    Shepards have nearly finished the reconstruction of that grass waterway; they will be seeding it and covering it with a protective mesh very soon.  They are also performing maintenance on several WASCoBs while they are here, and building one new one.  They should complete their work today.   Olan Worland is over at the two hills and he is doing some conservation work also.  He will be building two new WASCoBs, and shaping up some existing terraces.   He will also soon push out the sediment in some WASCoBs at the Dunn farm.  These earthen structures just require some periodic maintenance.  Once his work is complete, we will drill some cover crop rye over the fresh earthwork to protect it from erosion this winter.

Building a new WASCoB by Shepard Construction.  The new tile with riser was installed, and now they build the terrace behind it.  

And, Larry has begun to disk in the wheat crop.  Nutrien has applied the wheat-fertilizer blend to some of the fields, and Larry works it into the soil.  He has been planting our wheat crop for many years now, maybe 40 or more.  Nutrien will apply more just ahead of Larry’s progress.

Gary from the nearby Nutrien plant applies the blend of granular fertilizer and wheat seed.  

Larry Corn runs this disk over the applied fertilizer-seed mixture to incorporate it into the soil.

Soil testing is going on as we clear off the harvested fields, and recommendations will be received for each one for next year’s planned corn or soybeans.  As we harvest and watch the yields, we are mentally developing a list of which seed to buy for 2022.

It’s a beehive of activity here right now.  #harvest21

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