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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Well, the mowing of roadsides went very well.  After 6 solid days of running the John Deere 6130R tractor and R15 rotary cutter, the roadside mowing is ‘caught up’.  After completing that task late this morning, I washed up the cutter and put it into storage.  We may get it back out for a few days after harvest has moved along… in order to mow around the perimeter of some fields–to clean up the appearance.  Time will tell if/when that will get done.  But for now, it is a good thing to have another important task completed.

Mowing the waterway at Huey

I’ve really been wanting to get this stretch of US 50 near Wheatland shaped up…

Mowing the lay-out hillside at Lett. The beans down in that main field look very nice right now.

…and now the tractor is clean again!

Here is the JD 6130R tractor, all clean on the new wash-pad. This was the first machine to get a wash job on the new concrete.

The headers came into the shop today for final adjustments.  The lock-up bolts were removed from the JD RD40F.  The MacDon was inspected and lubricated.  Brandon installed the corn head on the CIH 8250 combine.   The JD S780 combine needs a service call from the dealer for an engine ECU (electronic control unit).  That’s supposed to happen tomorrow.   Little by little, we are getting ready for some harvest coming next week.  #harvest21 is on the way.

We began today with some very preliminary thinking about the 2022 crops.  We are certain  of how many acres of wheat we will be planting this fall.  We have decided which farm locations will be planted to wheat.  In essence, we will be planting nearly the same number of acres as we harvested in 2021.  We also have consulted with our fertilizer supplier and have some preliminary cost figures for the fertility plans for 2022.  The increases in cost are significant!  Shockingly high, really.  Not doubled, but not too far from that!  So we have begun our work with the crop budgeting for ’22, and we will refine our numbers as we get more firm cost figures.   It will help to determine the allocation of acres between corn and soybeans.   The most important number for us to define is our cost per bushel.   From that, it makes our marketing much easier.   So, in our minds, 2022 is already on our radar!

Such a beautiful day here in SWIN today.  The temperature is a perfect 79ºF (26C).  The sky is a brilliant, bright blue with scattered “Andy’s room” clouds.

Puffy white clouds dot the sky

Have a great weekend, everyone.



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