It’s going again

Friday, September 3, 2021

The John Deere 6130R returned home yesterday.  I had engine cooling system trouble with it a few weeks ago, and it had to go back to the dealer for repair.  They had some difficulty securing the parts for this machine… some had to come from Germany!   That delayed the repair by many days.  All in all, this tractor was gone for just a tick over a month.  During that time, I could have been mowing roadsides, but the weeds continued to grow.  I am eager to use every opportunity now before harvest to use this tractor with the JD R15 rotary cutter (“bush hog”, in common terms) to make our fields look ‘cared for’.  I may not get to all of them before harvest, but that’s my goal.

Unloading the 6130R back at the farm

Hooked up and ready to go

On the move with the R15 rotary cutter

Yes, this operation does not add any dollars to the bottom line.  It does, however, make me feel like I’m paying attention to the details.  This utility-sized tractor (130 HP) is ideal for this task, and it is a treat to operate with its IVT transmission.  The only thing I’m missing is  Bluetooth in the radio for hands-free phone calls.


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