Rainy week

Friday, August 13, 2021

Friday the 13th?  Nothing scary here.

Yesterday evening, just before dark, we got a significant rainfall.   A little over an inch came down in about 30 minutes.  It was raining so hard that the satellite TV signal was blocked, and prevented us from seeing part of the “Field of Dreams” baseball game.  I got a warning this morning from Climate.com that said we had potentially received some hail on 8 of our fields.  But after a drive-by this morning, there seems to be no hail damage.  Even so, many of our soybean fields are showing lodged beans (not standing straight up), or kinda ‘mashed down’ from the heavy rain.

Last evening’s radar showed what was on its way.

Last night’s rain was the 3rd rain event for us for the week.  We have received about 3.5″ (89mm) since Monday morning!   Other parts of the corn belt are experiencing a major drought, but not here in southwestern Indiana.  We have had an abundance of rain.  We are grateful for the blessing of adequate ( and really not too much) moisture for our crops.  One guy told me today that “you must be livin’ right”, but that’s not the correct measure.   Matthew 5:44-45 lets us know our attempts at piety do not affect the weather!  Let’s hope our faithfulness remains no matter what the weather.

I have kept fairly busy with the Gator, spraying ditch banks and roadsides for weeds.  I need to make another trip out today.  The thing I’d prefer to be doing is mowing roadsides.  That isn’t possible yet, for our little 6130R tractor is still in the shop–waiting again for parts from Europe!   The roadsides along our fields are looking a bit ragged again, and I am eager to make them look ‘cared for’.  It’s not really that I enjoy that task, but I appreciate what the fields and roadsides look like afterwards.  Maybe by the time the little tractor returns, it will be late enough for that mowing to be the final one before harvest.  We shall see.

Brandon has the machines looking nice…they’re clean and ready for fall harvest.

The 780 combine is shiny again.

We are making some small improvements at the farmstead.  Some patches of old cracked and uneven concrete have been removed, and we await the pouring of new areas to replace them.  The main one is our outdoor ‘wash pad’.  Our electrician, Russell Lashley, is here for a few days to wire up the changes we have made to one bin’s aeration flooring, and also its unloading system.   Little improvements like these will make future harvest seasons go more smoothly.

John installs a replacement frost-proof hydrant for the new wash pad

One thing that hasn’t let up has been the mowing.  With a summer of abundant rainfall, the yards and farm lots could be mowed 2x/week.  It only gets mowed once… we haven’t reached that time of year when the yard turns brown and crunchy.  I hope I can find a window today dry enough to mow the yard at home.   That’s the plan anyway.

As the weekend approaches, we prepare for the funeral services of our dear neighbor Jeff Jackson.  His untimely and quite unexpected death has rocked our community.  But we will pull together to honor Jeff, and to support this wonderful family.

We hope your weekend is a pleasant one.


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