Wednesday morning, June 23, 2021

I’ll post some pictures from the wheat harvest.  We started Monday, but Monday was gray and we got some short periods of drizzly rain.  We had to stop for part of the day.  But yesterday was the most beautiful day for wheat harvesting.  It was a pleasant 77ºF with brilliant sunshine.  There were puffy, “Andy’s room” clouds.

We have been pleased with the yield results of this wheat crop.  Seems like the extra investment of effort and management and inputs has paid off.  We followed the exact advice of our consultant, and it was helpful.  This fellow came to ride in the combine yesterday.

Landon Turner, DynaGro seed consultant, came from Kentucky on Tuesday to see first-hand the results.

End of the first wheat harvest day on Monday

John, a technician from Hutson’s, came by yesterday morning to install a software update in the JD combine.

Tuesday was a beautiful day for harvesting

The Kenworth truck sees its first action to bring in a crop from our fields.

Filling with fuel and DEF at the close of the day on Tuesday.

So, wheat harvest has been a great pleasure!

We must acknowledge and remember that with all our effort and investment, we must still rely on the blessing of our Maker.  He has provided the right weather environment for this good wheat crop.  So, as I am running my John Deere, I am offering many ‘thank yous’.  1Corinthians 3:6

The weather forecast is for a several rainy days beginning on Friday.  So there is some urgency to get this harvest completed.  If everything holds together, we can finish by tomorrow night, just under the wire.  We will see.   Planting of the double-crop soybeans (DCB) will follow as soon as the soil conditions permit.

Have a great day.. I’m headed to the wheat field… gotta get that JD going!


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