Final #plant21 prep on a chilly day

Friday, March 19, 2021

It is chilly out there this afternoon.  The temp is running at 44ºF (7C), but the wind is pretty strong, and that seems to cut right through your sweatshirt!  We have technicians here today from H&R Agri-Power at Poseyville, Indiana to work on our corn planter.  We have been waiting for several months to install a special cable in the electronics of the corn planter that will greatly improve the communication of information to our FieldView database.  We had hoped to get this installed ahead of #plant20, but we ran out of time.  We are hopeful that today’s work will get this improvement functioning well.  It is very involved and requires removing and replacing pins in the way the cable connects to the modules.  It was just too intricate for us to perform this with confidence, therefore, the technician is here!  Some new software will also need to be uploaded into the tractor Pro 700 screen after the cable is completed.  We must make certain that the planter and the tractor can ‘talk’ to each other!

Brad is now installing the new software into the Pro 700 in this STX 420 Rowtrac

This should be one of the last preparatory tasks to take place before #plant21.  John finished working on the JD 2510H yesterday, after finally receiving the needed parts from Capstan for the N-Ject system.   The soybean planter is ready.  The soybean and corn seed has arrived.  John is having the final discussions about the applications of fungicide, growth regulator, insecticide, and nitrogen for the wheat crop.  Some of those will be applied ASAP.  We just need the fields to dry and firm up to support the sprayer.  He loaded the digital setup info into the sprayer this morning, which includes farm and field names, the list of products and blends of products that may be applied, and A-B base lines for the AutoTrac.   C’mon, warm and dry weather.


John removes the individual pulsing valves in each valve body on both sides of the 2510H.

Inside this valve, the metering controls pulses rapidly to regulate the amount that the system applies.  There is one of these for each of the 23 row units.

We hear much talk about the widespread drought conditions across US agriculture.  Such conditions have not hit us here, at least not yet.  We are quite hopeful at this time for the possibility of a very good crop.  I drove by the wheat fields this morning, and said my “thank you’s” to the Lord for its healthy and deep green appearance.

So, today… even though it is rather cold, the sunshine is streaming down and we are looking ahead with great anticipation to #plant21!


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