Another set of preparatory tasks

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Brandon is preparing the field cultivator for a spring of some limited work.  We only use it ahead of NH3 applications or burn-down spraying in order to smooth some of the small areas of erosion.  “Filling in the ruts”, so to speak.  Our practice of drilling in some wheat or oats into those strips after fall harvest has greatly reduced the erosion we used to see on our hilly fields.  Brandon will lubricate the field cultivator, correct the tire pressures, check the wheel bearings, and swap out the worn shovels.  Just a couple hours work will have this machine ready for spring.

He has to climb all over it to get it lubricated.  Then he’ll climb under it to switch out worn shovels or “sweeps” as they are sometimes called.

Brandon  also has cleaned the hopper trailer on the Vision.  He is headed over to Nutrien this afternoon to pick up some soybean seed from their treatment center.  After the pink-colored fungicide coating is applied to the seed, it will go into this trailer.  That, in turn will supply the soybean planter with its seed!

The Vision and Wilson trailer are all cleaned out, ready for soybean seed.

Yesterday, we brought home the air drill from its storage location at the Huey farm.  That old quonset building is the only building in which we can fit the soybean drill without separating the air cart from the drill.  Sure would be nice to have another building here at the main farm!  Someday… Greasing all the zerks on the drill is a big task, and Brandon has that accomplished.   I switched out a damaged tire with the spare.  I also had to replace a gauge wheel tire that had a cut on it.  The soybean drill is now parked here, ready for loading with seed for #plant21.

Ready and waiting…

John has connected the NH3 applicator bar to the JD 9520R tractor to get ready to put down some nitrogen for the ’21 corn crop.  He has installed the controllers and monitors specific to that task into the cab of the tractor.  He is now going through the set up of the electronics.  Our other NH3 applicator will be prepared soon.  That one had a major overhaul last winter, and it should not require much more than lubrication in order to be ready.

Soon to hook up a wagon load of anhydrous ammonia.

This sunny and warm day makes working outside fairly pleasant.  Looks like we will get another nice day tomorrow, but rain is predicted for Thursday, and several days following.  Time will tell if we get any field work done in March.

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