Cold day for a new project

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

It’s cold out there this morning.  Right now, the temperature reads 28ºF (-2C).  But we have no wind… that makes it not so bad.

John and Brandon have begun a project to improve the space in our shop and our old ‘toolshed’ buildings.  It is not surprising that some clutter accumulates in these spaces over time, and now they are doing something about it.  In order to make for more room in our shop, and to accommodate a new bulk oil storage system, they are clearing out the toolshed, removing pallets and old seed bags and other assorted stuff (or is that junk?).  They will install a shelf system to contain needed parts and other accessories.  Our collection of assorted steel will move into the toolshed.  We won’t dispose of that… you never know when you need a left over chunk of angle iron, steel rod, or a plate.   I’m sure that once the unneeded ‘stuff’ is disposed and the reorganized stacks are complete, these will be much more useful areas.  This kind of clean-up needs to occur every now and then…or the clutter will take over!  Among the ‘treasures’ that need to remain are a 1937 John Deere B tractor and a JD 110 lawn tractor from the early 60s.

Our ‘toolshed’, built in the mid-1950s.

Yeah, it’s time to clear the clutter and reorganize.

The back corner of the toolshed is the starting point of the reorganization.

The stack of unused pallets are making a warm fire today.

The toolshed has also become the storage spot for corn seed inventory ahead of planting season.  It is constructed of concrete blocks.  It is the only remaining building (besides Ross’ house) that was here when we moved to this farm in 1958.  At that time, it contained almost every piece of farm equipment for this farm.  No longer tall enough for most machines, we’ve had to construct other buildings over the years.  We are trying to maintain the utility of ‘the toolshed’ for the farm…as well as preserving a bit of our farm history.

Grain deliveries are ‘caught up’ until January.  The first week of January is always hectic and crowded at the elevators.  The first week of December was too.

Last week, Pat and I traveled with her brother Mike and his wife Tammy to their place at Marco Island, Florida.  The first couple of days there were chilly with a strong wind.  But as the days wore on, the weather got better and better.  It was a relaxing week, with the biggest thing to determine each day was “where will we have supper?”.  It was a treat.

Early in the week, you needed your jacket to walk on the beach. It got better each day.

Tammy and Pat collected shells

The Crystal Shores Resort had some nice Christmas decorations

Yes, they even use John Deeres on the beach!

Thursday sunset was pretty neat.

Looks like a little bit of snow is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.  It won’t be much accumulation, but we should be able to see a little blanket of white, at least for a day or so.  A warmer weekend, in the 40s, won’t let any snow stick around.  Here’s hoping for a ‘white Christmas’!

I received a letter in a Christmas card this week from a dear friend and apartment-mate from those long-ago days at Purdue.  In it, he said he would not comment on the year 2020.  Instead, he said, “I’ll continue to thank God for His many Blessings, pray that everyone seeks His love, and continue to have faith in His wisdom.”  Thanks, Jim.  Well said.

I hope your preparation for Christmas is going well.  Please don’t forget the best gift of all, Jesus.  Our celebrations may look a little different this year, but it is still very special.  Have a blessed holiday with your loved ones.


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