Damp Monday

Monday, October 12, 2020

With heavy fog in the morning and overcast skies all day, it has not been a good day for soybean harvest.  Instead we turned our attention to grain deliveries.  Sent loads by appointment to nearby GPC in the morning, and spent the rest of the day sending loads of soybeans to ADM to Newburgh on the Ohio River.

The combines– JD S780 and the CIH 8250– came into the shop today for an oil change.

Those buckets catch the used oil draining from the engine of this S780 combine.

The CIH 8250 gets an oil change today, too

John put in several hours today on the new Remlinger Double Rolling Harrow.  It is an attachment we recently added on the back of our CIH 340 disk.  The harrow was not quite positioned correctly to perform properly, so the company rep brought us new mounting brackets.  John installed those things today.  That was a big job…he’ll sleep well tonight.

John replaced the original mountings with brackets that lower the positioning of the rolling harrow. See the new shiny black one in front of him? That’s the replacement.

As the day ends, the rain we received amounted to .02″.   Not a big one, but we are happy to get some rain.  The newly planted wheat crop looks “patchy” and a rain would help it get off to a better start.

This was the radar as the storm approached late this afternoon. Little rain, but lots of wind.

.02 rain. Well, the dust is settled for the evening.

If the forecast is correct, we will return to cutting double-crop soybeans (DCB) tomorrow.


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