Rainy end of the week.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Last Thursday through Saturday, we received 6.1″ (155mm) of rain.  Most of it (4.9″) came during an all-day rain on Thursday.  We were ready for a rain, but it was more than we would have liked.  Even so, it has helped more than hurt.  I toured around many of the fields this morning and the only damage I could see was some drowned soybeans in the bottoms of some WASCoBs in the DCB (double-crop soybean) fields.  We seemed to have escaped this heavy rain pretty well.

The best news from this rain event is that our big rain event was not duplicated upstream in the White River basin.   The latest river forecast shows it cresting today at Edwardsport at about 12 feet, with a rapid decline after that.  It takes above an 18-foot river to significantly hurt our crops planted in the White River bottom-lands.

The White River forecast from this morning. We can breathe easier after seeing this.

Who would have thought that July would have been such a rainy month?  And we are starting the “dog days” of August with high temperatures in the 70s!  Typically, the conversations this time of year focus on the high heat and humidity, but that’s not what is forecast for this first week of August.  I guess we should not be surprised.   There has not been much about the year of 2020 that has been “typical”.

Have a blessed week.

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