Hot Day

Thursday, July 9, 2020

This qualifies as a hot day in SWIN.  Ambient temperature is 93ºF (34C) and a ‘feels like’ (or humiture) temp of 106ºF (41C).   So far in 2020, we have not had a day when we hit 100ºF or above.  I cannot remember exactly when the temp went above 100ºF, but it may have been back in the drought year of 2012.  Dad always talked about the year 1936 as a really HOT summer.  And that was back before air conditioning!   I can recall summers as a kid before mom and dad got A/C.  It was difficult to get to sleep, a hot and sticky sensation kept you from resting.  You could try going down in the basement of the house, or even going outside…the hot and sticky feeling just went with you.  As our neighbor Richard Dutton used to say, “I’ll just stay inside by the pneumonia machine,” — that’s what he called his A/C window unit.

The weather read-out in the office this afternoon.

The JD 7130 is in the shop; it needs a new alternator, and it’ll take a day or two to get one.  It was sweaty work this morning as we removed the faulty alternator.  That puts the bush hog work ‘on hold’.

The JD 7130 is out of service today. We wait for a replacement alternator.

The guys are out spraying this afternoon.  Brandon on the Gator, spraying waterhemp and johnsongrass along roadsides and edges of fields.  John is at Freddie in the JD 4730 sprayer, applying some Roundup WeatherMAX, but mostly applying Delaro fungicide on soybeans.

John is refilling his sprayer at the Freddie farm.

Brandon sprays waterhemp and johnsongrass along the edge of a field, as he goes along on the Gator.

Brandon has the Gator much cleaner today.

I hope to get the bush hog back in action tomorrow.

We try to visit each field at least once per week to evaluate the crop condition and determine if any action needs to taken.  John has his list of soybean fields that need herbicide/fungicide down to 4, and could be down to 2 by tonight.  Brandon is out wrapping up his spot spraying from the Gator, and he should be ‘caught up’ or even finished by tonight.   It is always a good thing to be able to cross a task off the to-do list.

Brandon will be getting married Saturday, so today’s his last ‘at work’ day for a couple weeks.  We are happy for him and for Emily, his soon-to-be wife.

Many farmers around the Corn Belt and especially in NE Indiana, are praying for rain.  It is getting urgent for them.  Here in SWIN, a good soaking inch rain would be very welcome, but we are not at a crisis just yet.  We don’t see the rolled-up corn stalks yet, you know… the ones you see that look like pineapple fields.  That’s when you know your corn is hurting.Even if our situation is not quite as dire as NEIN, we are also praying for a good rain event.

Keep cool out there, everyone.

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