Summer sizzles

Friday, July 3, 2020

Today it is 90ºF (32C) outside.  And, typical for southern Indiana, it is humid as can be!  It just feels ‘sticky’ out there.  But there is plenty of moisture in the soils and the corn and soybeans are showing no signs of moisture stress today.  If it stays this hot and dry for another week, the stress will come.  But today it’s looking pretty good.

The corn tassels started to emerge here on July 2. We are just a couple days away from that sweet aroma. Best smell ever!

Wheat harvest is wrapped up and the DCB are beginning to emerge.  The ‘stand’ of DCB is not ideal–any spot where the wheat straw was very thick, the emergence has been hampered.  So, we will evaluate the ‘stand’ along about Wednesday or Thursday of next week, and determine if some replanting is gonna be necessary.  I sure hope not.  It would be nice to get the drill stored away, and place the tractor in the shed, out of the sun.

Planting DCB at the Dunn farm. I hope the ‘stand’ is sufficient and no replant will be needed.

We have been spraying a post emerge Roundup WeatherMax herbicide treatment on the soybeans, and added to the mix is a treatment of  Delaro fungicide.   We have been concentrating on this task this week, and it will continue into next week.  We are hoping that this is the final trip across the soybeans for 2020.  But, our experience tells us that we may have to go again with a pass of glyphosate (Roundup) in early August.  The conditions then will tell us what is necessary.

The combines are back in storage, waiting for their post-harvest wash.  We have been focusing on other tasks, like spraying soybeans and delivering the wheat to the market. So far, Brandon has the Demco 1322 grain cart washed and put away.


The combines wait patiently inside for their turn on the wash pad

The grain cart has been washed and is stored away until September.

The wheat crop has all been taken to market at ADM in Newburgh and Evansville, Indiana– about 1-hour away.  Those elevators are on the Ohio River, and have barge-loading capability.  We are fortunate to have access to that river market.  There are just a couple loads of 2019 corn left to be delivered, and that’ll go out next week.

Today, John and Ashley are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  A special day.

Everyone here at Carnahan & Sons wishes you a safe and happy 4th!  We have a magnificent nation to celebrate.  No, not flawless, but the one that provides the greatest freedom and the most opportunities for success!  Happy 244th Birthday, USA!


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