A happy weekend

Monday, June 22, 2020

Yes, we got started with wheat harvest on Saturday.  The grain got dry enough that we could harvest it well.  After Ross started on Saturday afternoon, he called to say I should bring the other combine to the wheat field.  I joined him at the Harry farm, and we had a good afternoon and evening.  We finished the Harry farm, and moved the equipment home.  We finished the last of those fields with the lights on.

Headed down US 50 to the wheat field

Saturday was a good day for harvesting wheat, even if the yields were disappointing

Then, on Sunday morning, some rain fell!  We were very pleased to have some rain, even if that slows down wheat harvest.  During the day Sunday, we received .9″ (23mm) rain.  It did move our Fathers’ Day meal indoors, but that was okay, too.  The granddaughters brought decorations they had made!  And Pat prepared a terrific summer meal. We had a great time together.

Looks like we will try wheat harvest again this afternoon.

Rain is predicted again for tonight, so we will see how/when we return to wheat harvest.   I think we will need to apply a burndown herbicide before we plant the double-crop soybeans (DCB).  The moisture will help those DCB get started.


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2 Responses to A happy weekend

  1. Renee Klein says:

    Dennis, love your blog. Glad things are going well. Love my chats with Pat also..I am blessed.
    All is well here. Just hot today 98…

  2. casifarm says:

    Thanks. Good to know that all is well with you.
    Have a happy week.

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