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Monday, February 3, 2020

It is a warm day for February in SWIN.  67ºF  (19C).  Yes, it is a little windy at 15 mph  (24kph), and a thin layer of clouds cover the skies.  But it feels warm on your back as you move about outside.

John took this occasion of a warm day to cut some sprouts in the ditches at the home farm.  We really like to keep the ditches clear of any woody species that could impede the flow of the water.  Occasionally, that requires some work with pruners and/or the chainsaw!  I went with him to help pull the cut-off sprouts out of the ditches, and help keep the Gator moved close to the work.   He even got into some thorn sprouts in a fencerow.  One of those branches poked through his tough Carhartt coat, and he certainly felt that!  He said he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a crown woven of those things and smashed down on his head…

Here are a few shots of John using the chainsaw to clear some sprouts from a nearby ditch.

We also noticed how clear the water was that was coming out of the field tile outlets, and also the water in the ditch into which they were emptying.

This is a 12 inch tile outlet that goes into the ditch at the south edge of our home farm. This ditch becomes the Kessinger Ditch downstream. Looks pretty clear to me!

Rain is predicted for tonight, and snow flurries later in the week.  We will simply appreciate this nice day while it lasts.

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