Rainy Friday

Friday, October 11, 2019

Nice rain today, about 1.1″ (28mm).

When this one dries up again, we think we will be able to begin harvesting our double-crop soybeans (DCB), and subsequently, the soybeans that were replanted after the flooding.  After those are cut, we hope to get back into the June-replanted corn.  We need about 10 days of field work to wrap up #harvest19.  The forecast is favorable for about the next week, then it looks like rainy days will be returning.  Cold is coming tonight, they say 32ºF (0C).

We will adapt to the prevailing conditions, and move forward with fall harvest as we can.

The trucks were quite busy today.  Appointments were easily available to deliver to GPC, and they were even paying a premium for deliveries today and tomorrow.  We captured some of that upside today.

Have a pleasant weekend.

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