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Saturday, September 28, 2019

On Thursday evening, we ran out of May-planted soybeans.  The ones planted in early June are just too wet yet for harvest.   Looks like we can return to some next week.  In the meantime, we are not merely waiting around, but we switched back to harvesting corn.  The surprise came yesterday when we observed that the moisture level of the corn had dropped significantly.   We saw moisture levels from 16.6 to 20.6%– a big improvement from the previous week!  Bill was a busy truck driver– good thing we were only a few miles from the main farm.

Here are some pictures from the corn harvest Friday and Saturday.

Unloading on-the-go speeds up the harvest.


Another view of on-the-go unloading.

When the trucks are nearby in the field, it makes the grain cart operator’s job easier… and faster.

We will likely begin again Monday with some more corn harvest.  We will work on that for a couple days, and then we should be able to return to a few fields of dry soybeans!

Have a great weekend.


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