Happy Independence Day!

July 4th, 2019

Yesterday saw the end of planting, with the completion of putting in the double-crop soybeans (DCB).  It took parts of 3 days, with some delays between, in order to get the DCB in the ground.  When we were cutting wheat, some fields were wetter than others, and those muddy ones had to wait a few days longer than the drier ones to get planted.  We cannot expect a perfect stand of DCB, for there were still spots of standing water in a few fields.  But, with the added urgency of the July dates on the calendar, it was a trade-off to get the planting done.  Most went in okay.  As I pulled out of the final DCB field at Huey yesterday afternoon, it was not long until a rain came; I had to use the wipers on the way home!

Yes, planting is finished, but replanting is another matter altogether.  Now, we wait for more field drying to take place.   We have a few hundred acres of corn in the White River bottom lands that were destroyed by recent flooding.  We will monitor how quickly those fields dry out, and determine if that occurs in a timely enough manner to replant those fields to soybeans.  I’d really like to make Monday the ‘stop’ day, when we will no longer do any replanting.   There are no fields that are dry enough today to replant.  If there was a field that would be appropriate for planting, I’d be out there today placing some of those beans into the soil!  But it’s just not quite ready yet.   Are we done with replanting?  Maybe, maybe not.  Even so, there will likely be some of those acres that simple lie fallow for the remainder of 2019.

This year of 2019 has presented us with many challenges.  We are hoping this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience we can only recall in our future storytelling.

John is making progress with his over-the-top-of-the-crop spraying.  In fact, he completed the corn applications on Tuesday.  So, we can officially say that all our 2019 corn is ‘laid by’.   He will soon be applying the initial herbicide treatment to the DCB.

I hope to be out in the JD 7130 soon to mow the roadsides along our fields to improve the appearance.  Mere mowing will not make the crops look any better, because every field has places in them that show the effects of too much rain.  But it will make the perimeters look ‘cared for’, and that’s important.

As we think about the birthday of the USA, it brings feelings of appreciation.  Those old ‘founding fathers’, even with all their faults, exhibited intrepid valor.  Just imagine what it felt like to purposely stand in opposition to the King of England and his vast army, to declare he is no longer your ruler.  Imagine what it felt like to sign that Declaration document, in which you pledged your life, your fortune, and your ‘sacred honor’.   Such courage.   The only dependency you claimed was upon Divine Providence.  I am always amazed.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.


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