A beauty of a picture

June 20, 2019

Pat was browsing Facebook, and she came across this picture that was taken a couple days ago.  We got permission from the photographer, Alaina Catherine, to share it with you.  This shows our farm, from the junction of Junkin Road with US 50.   I thought it was pretty neat.

A beautiful sight to behold.

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2 Responses to A beauty of a picture

  1. Renee Klein says:

    Hi Dennis, what a coincidence that Pat found the picture of the farm! That is a God thing! Glad to see a rainbow – maybe that is a good sign after all the rain. Miss seeing you and wishing you were coming to FL this year.
    All is well here. Love to all.

    • casifarm says:

      It’s another gray day in SWIN, but we remain hopeful. We really needed to start cutting wheat last week, but we have not had a dry window of opportunity to do so yet. The quality declines with each day of delay. All is not bad here, but 2019 has been very challenging.

      All the best to you.

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