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Wednesday, April 4, 2019

The sun is trying to shine through the morning’s clouds.  Our fields just will not support the machines…yet.  So far, we are not feeling the pressure to get going… the conditions will not permit, so why fret?  But it also feels like when it does get dry and warm enough, there will be MANY jobs to do all at once!

I did get out on the Gator yesterday to do some burning in 3 fields of crop residues that piled up during winter’s flooding.  Some locations burned well, some did not ‘take off’ very well.  Drier days needed.

The weather forecast predicts rain tonight and Sunday.. but the daytime temperatures are going to rise into the 70s!  Warmer days will speed the drying process.

This machine needs to get going soon, first with a herbicide for wheat.

This NH3 application machine will be going soon

Corn planter awaits its turn out there

This planter must get in motion right away. We prefer to plant soybeans early too. Historically, Midwest farmers would plant corn first, with soybeans to follow. Now, the benefits accrue to early-planted soybeans.

The grass is growing.  It is interesting that we have not mowed the yard yet.  We generally expect to mow once in March, so when we did not, it indicates a colder, slower start to spring.

These are likely the only machines on this farm that will be put into service this week!

Patience is a virtue, and it is especially helpful this week.

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