Creating planting prescriptions

Friday, March 15, 2019

Yesterday, I spent several hours building planting prescriptions for the soybean planter.  A planting prescription is a map of a field that shows the areas of different planting populations.   We use a soil survey map as the underlying basis for the prescriptions.  An appropriate population of soybeans (expressed in seeds/acre) is assigned to each soil type.  Typical population rates can run from 140,000 to 200,000 seeds per acre.  The population of seeds/acre is converted to pounds/acre, for the JD 1910 air cart does not count each seed, but the meters are calibrated by pounds.  Therefore, the number you see on the monitor/control screen as you are planting reads in pounds, not actual population.

All the documents needed for building planting prescriptions: Field List, Soil types in each field, Seed sizes for each variety, and populations converted to pounds.  The maps are shown on the computer in JD Operations Center.

John Deere  Operations Center is used in the computer for creating prescriptions.  It ‘links’ to Agrian software in which they are actually written, then saved to OC.  We can send each individual prescription to the tractor wirelessly, or use a USB drive to deliver the prescriptions en masse. 

This is a finished prescription for soybean planting. You can see it has 3 different rates, expressed in pounds per acre.  This is the map that will be utilized for planting the soybean variety Asgrow AG34X9.  

 When the planter is operating in the field, the GPS system recognizes where you are on the map, and then the JD 1910 air cart’s metering system is adjusted automatically to plant the population as assigned.  It is interesting to watch the population numbers adjust as you travel through the field, moving from one population area the the next.  You can see this change in one of our YouTube videos, check it out–beginning at the 1:27 mark in the video.

So, check another task off the list of pre-planting preparations!

It certainly is much cooler today, 41ºF compared to 72ºF yesterday.  The wind is at 12 mph right now, much calmer than yesterday when we saw gusts of 40+!


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  1. Don Patton says:

    Very interesting > i’m sure when you went into farming you didn’t expect to have to have computer knowledge.
    Thanks for all the posting all year .

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