Grain moving today

Monday, February 11, 2019

Brandon is delivering corn to GPC today.  Three trips will make his day a success.  He says we will soon be clearing out our soybean inventory.  Ross monitors and responds to the grain markets.   Even if he is away for a few days, he stays connected to the markets.  It’s all part of the winter process.

You know, in a few weeks, (early March) we will be bringing back home the nitrogen application machine and the soybean air drill from their storage location at the Huey farm.  Those will be serviced and prepared for their springtime work.  It is the 3rd planting season for the air drill, and it will require a closer inspection and more precise attention to the settings on each row unit.

Once the soybean seed begins arriving at the neighbor-dealer, we will begin to write the planting prescriptions.  We will be increasing the seeding rate this year, while still trying to match the populations to the soil productivity.

Sunday brought us some nasty weather, especially in the morning.  The sleet/rain/freezing rain made the roads and parking lot and sidewalks a bit treacherous, so church attendance was affected dramatically.  Can’t blame folks for playing it safe and remaining indoors.  The temps have warmed today, and we’re receiving rain.  Another gray day.

To report about weekend basketball, our South Knox Spartans girls’ team ended their season on Saturday at the regional.  Those girls had a good and  surprisingly successful season.  The only local team to advance was the Rivet (1A) team, who will be playing in the Semi-State on Saturday.  If they win that game, they will go (again) to the State Finals in Bankers Life Arena in Indy on Feb 23!  Good Luck to Rivet.

Pat and I enjoyed our trip to Mackey Arena Saturday night.  Supper at the Beef House was just terrific, a great meal.  We arrived early and viewed the displays in the concourse.  A new highlight was the John Wooden (Purdue 3x All-American, 1930-1932) practice jersey that was purchased by Drew Brees for over $200K, and placed on display in Mackey.  The Nebraska team played hard and the game was often closer than we might have expected, but the Boilermakers pulled away at the end.  There was a spurt in the 2nd half that really got the crowd revved up.  The cheering was amazing:  I learned later that the sound rose to 114+dB!   What fun!  The trip home was not a problem, even though it was 3 hours…

The days move on apace, moving us toward #plant19.



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