A good weekend, and then some other thoughts

Monday, February 4, 2019

The weekend had some special highlights.  Because we live in Indiana, most involved basketball.

First, our Girls’ HSBB team won their Sectional.  They played on Tuesday and Friday, with relatively easy games, but then in the championship on Saturday, they were ‘the underdog’.  The championship game was against the Thunderbirds of Eastern Greene HS.  The T-birds were state ranked:  #7 in 2A.  But our girls got off to a good start in the game, and never trailed.   They pulled off the upset, and brought home the sectional trophy.  Congratulations to our South Knox Spartans, Sectional Champions for 2019!  They move on to the Regional at Paoli, for the noon game.  If successful, they will play in the regional championship at 8 pm.  Good luck, Spartans!

Another South Knox team was a tourney champion on Saturday.  Our 8th grade boys’ team  won two games that day and became the Blue Chip Conference Champions.  The first one was a cliffhanger versus the Loogootee (pronounced “luh-GO-dee”) Lions.  It was one of their more difficult games of the year, but they prevailed.  Then, in the championship game versus the Northeast Dubois (pronounced “DOO-boys”) Jeeps, they won handily.   Our Youth Minister, Collin Mattingly, is an assistant coach on that team, so we follow those 8th graders even more closely!

At noon on Saturday, the South Knox Varsity and JV boys’ teams played home games versus Evansville Reitz. (a big 4A school).  The thing that made it special for SK folks is that it featured the return to SK of former Varsity Coach, Joe Patton.  I was on the school board that hired him, and two of our sons played for him.  He and his family were immensely popular in our community, and the boys loved playing for him.  Coach Patton was at SK from the 01-02 season through the 11-12 season.  He left SK to take a Math teaching position at Reitz ( where he taught before coming to SK), and to be closer to his parents.  Now he assists Reitz Coach Mike Adams.  It truly was a homecoming of sorts, for Coach Patton also had his family present.   It was so special to see and visit with his parents Don and Ginny and his wife Kathy, and his SIL Debbie.  BTW, Reitz edged out the Spartans 38-37, dropping our record to 13-4.  Our JV won in OT.  Still, having the Patton family back home at SK was sweet.

Saturday afternoon was the birthday party for our now 4-year-old granddaughter Molly.  It was a casual event, held at the Youth Building at church.  Molly had some of her friends over, and many family members were there.  She is into “planets” right now, so that was the theme.  According to Molly, each of us should have a favorite planet… hers is Neptune, because it is blue–her favorite color.  The kids had fun playing games and goofing around, and the grown-ups enjoyed the conversations.  It was a great day.

Sunday, we watched the noon game of Minnesota at Purdue.  Purdue had us biting our nails when they fell behind by 13 early in the second half.  But a nifty rally had us cheering along the with fans in Mackey Arena pretty soon.  The win came by 10 points.  There were some special blocks and dunks and behind-the-back passes that gave the game some ‘wow’, too.  So, as of today, our Boilermakers stand at #1 in the B1G, tied with the two Michigan schools.   We can’t wait to go on Saturday, even though the game is a 9pm start. After the game, we’ll still have the 3-hour drive home.  I’ll need toothpicks to keep my eyes open in Sunday School the next morning.

Also Sunday, it was a wonderful, full morning at Wheatland Christian Church.  Attendance was up a bit, and there were more kids in Children’s Church.  In the building that morning was our new Children’s Director, Ally Fink.  She formally begins her work this week, and we are eager see how the ministry grows with her sweet spirit leading the programming.  Brent’s sermon was especially moving, preaching from John Chapter 15, about the ‘vine and the branches’.  He called us to genuine connection with the Lord.  Worship time was meaningful, and uplifting.  All in all, a great Sunday morning.

Last week, my sister and BIL passed along a small book to me, “Un-offend-able” by Brant Hansen.  I’m a little over halfway through this paperback, and I must say I bristled at the first few chapters, not wanting to fully go along with the author’s premise.  But the farther I get into it, I am beginning to understand his viewpoint, and it is helping me refine my attitudes.   I have found Chapter 8, “Ain’t You Tired” and Chapter 13, “The Big Question: What About Injustice” to be especially enlightening.  And it is no coincidence that I read Chapter 15, “Nothing Left to Lose” today.   That chapter spoke volumes to me, on this first anniversary of the death of our 35-year-old son Philip, surrendering to cancer on this date in 2018.  So, I find I’m more at peace, and I’m learning again to trust God through every thing that comes our way.  I can assuredly recommend this easy-to-read book.

So, the past few days have been packed, and I’m grateful for it all.  Have a wonderful week, everyone.


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