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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Shop work happening today at Carnahan & Sons.  The new Wilson Commander trailer has arrived at the farm, and Brandon is busy attaching some accessories, and putting a polish on the aluminum parts.  He says it will make it easier to keep it shiny in the future.

The first glimpse of the new Wilson trailer as Brandon was hooking up to it at the dealer in Frankfort, IN.  This is our first trailer with a stainless back wall.

Brandon polishes the aluminum frame. Even though it is brand new, it takes on an even better shine!

John is also helping polish up this new trailer.

We are taking the time to spruce up the Peterbilt that will pull this new trailer.  It is getting a wash job, some repairs to the suspension controls, a couple new shocks, and new rubber on the drive wheels.  This should make for many miles of pleasant grain hauling.

The Peterbilt truck got new tires yesterday. Those will last a long time for us.

Another milestone:  Today marks the payment day for the annual installment on the Burke farm.  We bought that place back in ’12, and it has been a great place to farm ever since.  See the post on this website for November 7, 2012 to read about our acquisition of the Burke farm.

We continue our preparation for Christmas; most details are falling into place.  We now know when John and his family and Ben and fiancee Kierstin will be here.  As the older family members now, we have to have flexibility on when the family gathers.     Pat and I were very protective of our Christmas mornings back when the boys were still at home… but now, we accommodate our sons’ schedules and other holiday demands on their time.   The fact that we can spend some time together celebrating is more important than if it occurs exactly on Christmas day.

Looks like there will be no snow here, so a ‘white Christmas’ is not likely gonna happen.  Oh, well.  We remember the ‘reason for the season’– no matter what the weather.

Have a great rest of your week.


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