Sun returns

Friday, December 7, 2018

The sunshine has returned this morning.  After yesterday’s drizzly, chilly, gray day… today is refreshing!  The morning saw us send corn to GPC in Washington, IN, and the afternoon we will be sending some soybeans to ADM in Newburgh, IN.  The grain receiving system at GPC is highly regarded here:  they take corn by appointment!  Brandon goes online to their site and chooses arrival times.  Since it’s only about 15 minutes east of here, he can arrive easily on time.  This system eliminates the hours and hours of waiting in line to unload your truck!   By comparison, Brandon waited 2+hours in line at ADM in Newburgh the last time he went there.   I’m surprised more buyers have not adopted GPC’s system.

The Pete is getting loaded with soybeans today.

Another load goes out the lane!

We are nearing the clean out of our #9 bin of soybeans.  It will be our first bin to go MT (empty).   It’s always a good feeling to get a bin cleaned out, but it’s a two-edged sword, too.  When the last bushel goes out to market, it’s a relief, but it would also be nice to have some more bushels to sell!

We’re closing out this first full week of December with a sunny and cold day.  Right now it’s 28 (-2C).   Last night’s low was typical for this week, in the low 20s.  The thing that makes the temperature okay today is that there is no wind.   The past few weeks have generally been running below average, which for today in SWIN would be about 45ºF (9C).  It has given us ample opportunity to run the aeration fans on the grain in storage and get the grain cooled down.

Thursday morning, John and I attended a breakfast meeting put on by a local bank.  The meeting featured Dr. Michael Langemeier of Purdue  AgEcon department, who reported on his view of the agricultural outlook for Indiana for 2019.  His report was more bullish on soybeans than I expected, but his overall forecast was not very optimistic.  He is involved with Purdue Ag’s “Barometer”, where they survey 400 producers around the nation to get a read on farmer’s relative ‘feel’ about their economic conditions.  I’ll share one of his slides, which shows what farmers plan to plant to acres they are pulling out of soybean production.

One of the many slides from Dr. Langemeier’s presentation. If you plan to draw down your soybean acres, what is your plan to plant instead?

Took the opportunity to clean up the pickup.  Just feels better to get around when it’s clean.

Happy to have a warm shop to wash the pickup.

When this is clean, it makes me feel better!

John has replaced the slightly tattered flag atop the grain leg.  He uses a ‘wind resistant’ flag which gives it a much longer life up there.

John placed a new flag on the top of the elevator.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Hope it’s also sunny where you are!

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