Nice Saturday

November 3, 2018

Today has been a pretty nice day.  It started out foggy, and with heavy dew.  But the constant sunshine and 10 mph breeze has dried things out quite well, even if the temperature remains in the mid-50s.  I got the lawn mower out and mowed the yard for what I believe to be the last time in 2018.  Some of the leaves have fallen, but many more are  yet to come down.  Perhaps we’ll use the mower once more to ‘mulch up’ leaves once they’re on the ground.

We received 3.3″(84mm) rain during Wednesday and Thursday this week.  That seemed to make the ground even wetter than the 8″ rain we got back in September.  So, it goes without saying that the late replanted soybeans in the White River bottoms remain unharvested.  The frost from a couple weeks ago stopped their growth, and now they merely have to dry down to a harvest-able moisture level. (preferably 13%)  And, of course, the field must dry down enough to support the combine!  I am hopeful that those will be done by Thanksgiving or sooner.  We only need about 2 or 3 hours in the field to get them done!  But more rain is predicted for tomorrow, and later next week.  It certainly supports our idea that harvest weather windows of opportunity decline significantly in November.   One other thought:  if there is a White River flood event of 20+ feet, that will finish off our late harvest for us!  Today’s river forecast is for a max of 17.2 foot river crest, not enough to damage the replants.

Notice how rapidly the White River level raised after our mid-week rain! The crest is not high enough to cause us trouble this time.

Jason from Hutson, Inc. was here this week to replace the wiring harness on the engine of the 9520R tractor.  It had become defective, and therefore the tractor was showing false warning messages.  It was a lengthy process, with over 50 different connections to make!  He also performed a PIP (Product Improvement Program) on the 9360R tractor– something to do with a new guard on the driveshaft with a special sensor in it.  We were grateful this 2-tractor service call was on warranty!   Nick from Hutsons also came and replaced the information and control processor with a ‘series 2’.  He had to update software and install the latest update.  Now, the 9520 will communicate more precisely with the air cart and drill next spring.  We believe that the upgrade will solve most, if not all, the IT issues we experienced last planting season.  We appreciate the support from Hutsons.  Seems that they went the extra-mile for us…again.

The trucks are all clean again, and the 8230 combine, too.  We wait to clean the S680 combine and the 9360R tractor and grain cart until we have the late beans cut.

The bookkeeping and number crunching pace will pick up over the next 4 weeks with our business year-end planning.  There are some changes to the tax code, and it will be a little more complex than in the past few years.  We have a long term relationship with our tax professionals at Kemper CPAs , and they provide valuable advice in these matters.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Be blessed!


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