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Monday August 6, 2018

Pat and I have returned from a couple weeks’ travel to Florida and Disney World, and a few points in-between.  We got back home late last week.  Our days down south were relaxed and a much-needed respite.  Most days down there were quite hot, with temps in the mid 90s every day.  If you could find shade, it was not too bad, but in the direct sun, you felt kinda scorched.  Guess that proves how wimpy I really am.

Disney World provided another very special time for us, and during our days there, we celebrated our 4oth wedding anniversary.   We had a special dinner that night, at the California Grill, high atop the Contemporary Resort Hotel.  The view that night of the Magic Kingdom fireworks show was spectacular!  They also pipe in the soundtrack from that show, so that dinner guests get a pretty complete effect of the show.

Our days there were packed, or at least early mornings and late nights were… we took downtime during the afternoons.  Time in the pool at our resort– The Wilderness Lodge– was very nice, and then we took a little nap to top that off.  We felt rested to return to the parks and a great dinner each evening.  Disney World is a very special place to Pat and me.

While we were away, John and Brandon have been occupied with moving some wheat to market, and spraying some ditch banks and roadsides to control johnsongrass and other pesky weeds.  Ross was able to sell most of our ’18-crop wheat, and he even got some ’19-crop wheat sold.  So, it looks like we will be back in the soft red winter wheat business again in 2019!   That diversification (when wheat prices allow) helps us both economically and agronomically… so it feels good to know we will again be wheat farmers.

Today, I took the morning to do some of that spraying from the seat of the Gator, and John and Brandon are off on a special trip with our Pioneer seed dealer to view a certain central Indiana test plot.

They tell us the southern Indiana weather was more comfortable while we were gone, with temps in the low 80s and sometime even in the 70s.  But now we are back to days in the 90s!  Upon a quick tour of most fields, the corn and soybeans are looking pretty good right now.  And the double-crop soybeans (DCB) are especially nice.  Grateful to come home to that.

Even though our vacations always seem to fly by and seem kinda short, it’s good to be back home and to get back into our routine.  Harvest preparations will begin soon, as we inspect the combines and headers and grain cart.  Six weeks and we could be out there harvesting corn or soybeans!

I’ll post a few pictures from our trip.

We toured the original Governor’s Mansion for the state of Georgia in Milledgeville.

The morning services at Northridge Christian Church in Milledgeville were really special. Great worship, and solid message.

We enjoyed the famous Leopold’s Ice Cream in Savannah.

The Tybee Island Lighthouse

Pat’s step-mom Renee took us to the beach at Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Although the visit to the beach was short, the surf felt good on our feet!

It’s always an exciting moment to drive under this arch

We love our resort, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.


Epcot entertained us a couple mornings.

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we got pretty up-close-and-personal with a giraffe.

And, of course, you can’t be in Florida without spotting a Gator…

We had a fun time in the newly-opened Toy Story Land in Disney Hollywood Studios

Our favorite, like most folks, is the Magic Kingdom park.

Now we are happily ‘Back Home Again in Indiana”.    And yes…we do sing it when we cross the border back to the Hoosier state!

Have a great week…


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