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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

We brought home the soybean air drill and the nitrogen toolbar this morning.  It was a mostly sunny and dry day, with dry roads, so we traveled to the Huey farm east of Wheatland where we store these two machines, and we hooked them up and brought them home.  The nitrogen toolbar will have some set-up to do, since John is using it on a different tractor this spring.  The same is true with the air drill, and there will be a marked difference in the way the Greenstar system operates in the tractor.  It has the new Gen 4 screen, and I will need to learn how to set up and operate it.   It’s still fun to learn these new things.

Here we are, poised to begin the short trip down to the Huey farm to retrieve some important machines for spring work.

Now that the air drill is back home and hooked up to its tractor, I can begin to perform the setup of the “run” screens and learn (again) how to operate this drill!

Brandon has the final load of corn on the Vanna (white Mack) truck, ready for delivery on Friday.  We will then be MT of all 2017 grain.

Jake, Matt, and their crew from Montgomery Welding are now on site to begin the tear-down of the old grain leg, and the subsequent erection of its replacement.   Exciting end-of-winter activity here at Carnahan & Sons.

The replacement of the 1973 Creamer Metal Products grain leg has begun.

The belt and and its buckets are out of the old leg

Brandon is getting the blue nitrogen toolbar into shape…

We found small patches of snow on the ground when we started our day.  Just a few minutes ago, there were flurries in the air!  The wind makes the air seem sharper than the 38 degrees out there.

13 days until spring arrives!


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