A quiet week

Monday, December 18, 2017

If you’re familiar with the old NPR radio show A Prairie Home Companion, then you know the phrase, “It’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, my home town…”.  That line was made famous by show host Garrison Keillor.  That talented man could tell stories in such a vivid manner that you could see and feel the things he was describing.   Many times I’d tune in the tractor or combine radio to hear PHC on Saturday evenings.   Mr. Keillor is retired now, but his stories live on in some recordings I have in my iTunes.

I say all that to describe the kind of week we’ve had at Carnahan & Sons.   Yes, it’s been a quiet one.   Aside from Brandon’s grain deliveries, not much else is going on.  As the year winds down, I’m trying to keep an accurate eye on the paperwork.  There has been another USDA survey, and a SAMS renewal to make, in addition to the daily bills and intermittent deposits from the grain deliveries.  I did find the time to get out our Christmas cards–just shy of 300 of them, early last week.  The little bit of Christmas shopping I do was finished online.   There is time for some reading.

The inflatable snowman in my front yard konked out, and John worked his magic to get it resurrected.

We are having an “Oregon” weather day today.   It’s a gray and drizzly day in SWIN that sorta reminds me of some of the winter days we experienced when we would visit our son Philip in Portland.   You have to run your wipers on ‘intermittent’ as you drive around, but if you’re walking outside, you don’t get drenched.  We are all hoping for snow on the weekend, but a ‘white Christmas’ is not in the forecast.    Although it doesn’t arrive for a few days, it feels like winter.

We hope your preparations for Christmas are going well, and that you can anticipate happy times with family and friends   It’s also a good time to reflect on the past year and count your blessings   Although for us there have been some things about 2017 that are very forgettable, we have many reasons to rejoice, too.

May your new year bring blessings to you all.


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    God Bless is everyone!!

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