Cooler week

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day.  It’s also our son Philip’s 35th birthday!  So, we have several reasons to celebrate.

It has been a quieter week.  As the temperatures have cooled down considerably to below-average numbers this week, it has limited our outdoor activity to afternoons.  It takes us a while to adjust to lower temps.   Nights have been in the 20s.

Brandon did deliver some loads of corn to GPC.  And I took the opportunity of a warmer (55ºF, 13C) sunny afternoon to cut some woody sprouts in one of the ditches at the Huey farm.

It seems that we have seen the peak of fall leaf color earlier this week, but by today, some tree branches are bare.

Nice fall color


Some are losing their leaves

We are making arrangements to upgrade our JD GPS receivers.  The current Starfire 3000 ‘globes’ are gonna be traded in for Starfire 6000 models.  The new ones will have a more accurate signal, and they will boot up (acquire their connection to the satellites) faster.

These receivers will be swapped for the new model SF6000.

John’s paint and repair job on the oldest hopper trailer was a success.  It looks much better now, and the fresh paint will protect those wheels for years.

Here are the wheels in the process of being painted. John also repaired the hub-caps, so that you can once again see the oil level in the wheels’ hubs.

There goes our oldest truck and trailer, but it still works well and looks pretty good.

The fall installment of our 2017 property taxes went into the mail yesterday.   In Indiana, property taxes are collected twice a year, on May 10 and November 10.   I used to go to the County Treasurer’s office on the due date, but now I just mail them in…. no standing in long lines!

We are approaching Thanksgiving, and we trust your preparations are going well.   No matter what the circumstances of your day, you can always find a reason to be thankful.  Let’s resolve to make that a habit… not just one day a year.

Have a great weekend.  College basketball has begun!











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