‘nother meeting

Thursday, October 26, 2017

This afternoon will be another lengthy meeting.  (we’ve had a lot of those lately!)  We will be sitting down around the conference table with our seed dealer and the Monsanto regional rep to iron out our seed selections for corn and soybeans for 2018.  We have the harvest results from this year, and the acres and field locations chosen.  So, we will try to match the proper hybrid/variety to each location.  We use our experience over the past few years, and the recommendations of the dealer and his regional rep on any new numbers.  We try to use established genetics with which we have experience, but also we try to experiment a little with something new.  We can evaluate our previous years’ results by soil type and by variety/hybrid.  (Variety is a soybean term, hybrid is a corn term)  With the way we capture harvest information nowadays, it’s as if our entire farm is a test plot!   We believe this information helps us make better, more accurate seed selection decisions.

There are many options for seeds.  There are dozens of reputable vendors/companies in the seed business.  We have focused our purchases on Monsanto’s products for a few years now, based on our experience.  The yield performance of their hybrids and varieties, along with the exceptional service from the dealer and rep, coupled with competitive pricing have built our trust with Monsanto’s DeKalb corn and Asgrow soybeans.

This will be another milestone in the preparation for #plant18.

We are grateful for our comfortable and convenient office (now 10 years old!) that facilitates meetings like the one today in a better and more professional way.

With all the record-keeping needs for a modern farm, I spend a lot of time at the computer desk here in the office. It is a pleasant place to work.

Before the office was built, these types of meetings took place in our shop, standing around, and papers were spread out on our often-dirty workbench.  Not anymore!

We have completed one soil conservation construction project at the Shake farm this fall, and we have one in the works at the Steen farm.  We have identified two more for next spring, just ahead of the planters.

Concerning the upgrade replacement of our 45-year-old grain leg, we have made our decision, and now have a plan in place for that project.  We began with consultations with vendors at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL back in August.  After harvest, we formally met with 3 vendors, one local and some from the region.  We decided to utilize the folks from Montgomery Welding in Montgomery, IN.  Actual construction will begin late March/early April 2018.  It should take about 4-5 weeks to remove the aging structure and build the new in its place.

It seems we always have an improvement project on our plate… some big (like the grain leg) and some little, but always something!




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