Special visit


On Thursday, October 12, we had three special visitors (four, really, with Tracey’s daughter) here at the farm.  Representatives of Climate Corporation arrived here to discuss their Fieldview information system and our experience with it.  They were accompanied by Chad Dow, area Climate specialist.  John met with them in the office for an extended period of time (I was able to join them later) to explain how we utilize Fieldview and how it benefits our farm.  We also had a chance to request how some modifications to their programming would improve our experience.  One designer, Tracey, led us through a proposed, experimental system of in-season nitrogen management.

Christina, Loan, and Tracey and her daughter. A good team.  Christina and Loan came from St. Louis, but Tracey was here from San Fransisco!

This was a good move on Climate’s part, to show up at the customer’s place and ask questions.  It was a relaxed and friendly visit, and it grew our confidence in Climate Corp.    It is reassuring  to know that when you make a call to Climate, the person on the other end knows who you are.  Also, it is good for these people who work in labs and offices to be out in the ‘real world’ to see how their handiwork fits the customer.   I think we built some good relationships that day.  Good information was gained on both sides.

Have a nice weekend.

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