Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Yes, harvest at Carnahan & Sons is done!  We pulled through the last replanted corn at Huey on Saturday evening.  We worked our way through this crop in 5 weeks, a relatively short time, but not a record.  In 2016, we got done in 4 weeks!  We credit the very good and dry weather during late September and early October for our timely finish.  When we received a rain on Sunday morning, we were especially happy to be done.

Just before sunset on Saturday, the final hopper of corn is unloaded into the Demco 1350 grain cart.

Next fall, we won’t be done as early, because there will be double-crop soybeans after the wheat, and those won’t be ripe until late October.  Now we can turn our attention to the many post-harvest tasks.

The clean-up of the equipment has begun.  We will also bush hog around the perimeter of selected fields in order to clean up the appearance.

The cleaning of the combines and heads begins in the field with compressed air to clear away debris and dust.

The Demco 1350 grain cart is clean and now is stored away in the back corner of the shed.

The JD 9360R has completed its work with the grain cart and is now shined up and stored.

In this field along US 50, we mow down the weeds between the fence and the outside row of corn. This gives a better appearance, and allows more precise application by the sprayer on its next pass in the field.

Along IN Hwy 550 on the south edge of Wheatland.  Yes, that’s our church, Wheatland Christian, in the background.


You can just begin to see the green of the emerging wheat crop, and the strips of cover crops, too.

We are grateful for this harvest, and the good weather to bring it in.

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