On and off again

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back to the field we went yesterday, it was mostly a beautiful, sunny SWIN day.  There were strange events weather-wise.  At the fields near Wheatland where we were harvesting, the sun was shining, and the combines were running strong.  But here at the main farm, (just 4 miles west of the combines) it was raining.  I guess it has to stop and start someplace.  Just NW of us, at Bruceville, IN, you could see the black clouds pouring down rain.  We got about half-inch here, but there it rained over 2″!  In  the middle of the afternoon, I got a call from a young farmer friend from Fritchton and he reported that they’d been rained out.  We just watched the clouds in the west and kept going.  Finally at about 830 pm  the raindrops began to fall, and soon it was too ‘tough’ to cut soybeans.  We loaded the heads on the wagons, and moved the machines home.  And there they sit this morning, while the thunder booms and the rain falls.

Ross and John cut soybeans around this neighbor’s house. Can you see the threatening dark clouds in the west?

Ross makes progress in the CIH 8230. Clear skies in the field, rainy just 4 miles west.

John moves along in the JD S680 combine.

The soybeans certainly look nice in the grain cart. This cart-load will completely fill a semi trailer when Brandon goes to transfer it to the truck.

We are not sad about the rain today.  Yes, it stops our combines, but it is probably helping the late-planted (replanted) soybeans fill up the pods with bigger soybeans.

Today’s rain has us stopped from harvesting.

The 8230 waits for a refill of diesel fuel at our fuel building. No hurry on that this morning.

I went to see the doctor yesterday morning, and she said that the treatment had been successful enough for me to return to the combine.  She gave me an additional round of medicines for the next 5 days, and told me to continue the breathing treatments.   But it felt good to be back in the combine seat again.  I wear a mask when I have to step out of the cab.  This rainy spell should allow me to rest a bit more before we must hit the fields again at the next opportunity.

Bill, Brandon, and John are delivering soybeans today to ADM at Newburgh, Indiana.  It takes them about 90 minutes to get there from here, so a rainy day delivery to that distant location will help us deliver more locally when we get back to the fields.

Have a pleasant week.


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