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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Whew!  Yeah, it’s hot out there!  Well, it’s 92F (33c).  It does “feel”  hot out there, but it also could be much worse.  We haven’t hit 100+ in nearly 3 years.  What kept us busy today was that I was John’s sprayer-support-guy.  I went to CPS to load some water into the trailer, then took it to Burke to fill his sprayer.  Just one tankful is all he needed from me today.  So, it really wasn’t too bad… and the A/C was working in the red-stripe Mack that pulls the water trailer.  I took along my YETI tumbler, and had cool water to drink.  While John was loading his sprayer, I took the opportunity to pull a few clumps of johnsongrass and some waterhemp in the nearby field.

Refilling the water truck at the nearby CPS plant.

In the afternoon, John and I teamed up on the Gator to spray some waterhemp along the grass road on the Huey farm.  It’s about a mile long, with some weeds growing in the first few rows alongside the road.  He sprayed while I drove… we used some Xtendimax to spot spray those weeds.  This technique had been successful at the Shake farm last week, so we tried it again.

The Gator is back from the shop, and is back to work today.

Here’s the sprayer gizmo we use for hand-spraying from the Gator. We are usually using Roundup and spot-spraying directly on the johnsongrass.


In our biggest grain storage bin, 10A, we are having installed a new aeration floor.  This replaces the old x-shaped trough aeration that was original to the bin.  This new system will allow greater and more uniform air flow through the stored grain.  We try to make small-to-medium improvements to our farm each summer.

The contractor (Montgomery Welding) opened up an access panel to perform the work inside.

They poured concrete in there today to fill up the x-shaped cavity of the former aeration system. The new galvanized steel floor will be built on this newly-level concrete surface.


We got our old block building repainted last week.  It sure looks better now.  It is the last remaining structure (besides Ross’ house) that was original to the place when we moved here in February of 1958.

This building is over 60 years old, and still looks pretty good. At one time, it held all our farm equipment, but nowadays it mostly stores seed in season.


Although it didn’t rain here in Knox County yesterday, there was a big rain in and around Indianapolis.  Those flash floods will certainly be headed our way down the West Fork of White River.  The prediction service shows a crest locally of 19.6feet on the weekend.  We can survive pretty well a 19-foot river, so we will have water in the sloughs pretty soon.  And to think those late replanted soybeans in those sloughs were looking pretty good….

Here’s this morning’s White River forecast for Edwardsport. Our farm locations are about 1 full day’s worth of river flow below Edwardsport.

We’ve been thinking about this verse a lot lately… Romans 8:28.



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