Extended flood event

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello from rainy SWIN.  This morning’s White River report at Edwardsport calls for a higher crest and more days above flood stage than was reported on Monday.  We will have to see how yesterday and today’s rains will affect reports over the weekend.

This report shows a higher flood level for more days than the report from Monday. Our farm locations are about 1 day’s river flow below the Edwardsport reporting station. So, it looks like the river will be covering our fields until mid-month.

Our Grubb field along US 50. No, it’s not completely submerged today, but they say 2 more feet of flood water is coming by tomorrow. White River….

Yes, they are more tricky to manage to protect the soil from erosion, but these old hill fields look mighty good today!

Here at the home farm, it is wet, but no standing water.

No flooding here!

Keep warm and dry out there…




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