Plant17 (cont)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We continue to plant soybeans.  (The corn is done)  The soil is getting dry, but the weather man is telling us that will change.  Depending on which source you consult, we are predicted to receive 1 to 4 inches of rain (25 to 100MM) from now through the weekend.  Of course, we will have to accept whatever comes, but for now, the 1-inch report sounds better!

This week, we have been planting the Asgrow Xtend varieties.  Originally, we had planned to plant them last, but with the conservation work being done, it has backed up the planting of some of those fields.  The Xtend acres should get done today, and we can return to the typical varieties tomorrow (weather permitting!)

This view from my ‘office’ is pretty typical for the past several days. And will be for a few more!



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