Won’t be long now…

Monday, April 3, 2017

It’s threatening rain today, but we have used the morning productively.  John has rinsed out the sprayer in order to change over and spray corn acres.  Brandon has taken the water truck to CPS for a refill/recharge of water, and added the appropriate corn herbicide containers.  Now, upon the next opportunity, John will spray burndown corn herbicide on the acres that have had nitrogen applied.  He plans to spray all the corn acres before converting back to soybean herbicides.  After his corn herbicide application, the corn planter will be next in those fields.

We have approximately 1/3 of the soybean acres with the herbicide applied.  So, on the next available day when the soil is sufficiently warm and dry, we will begin with the soybean planter.  Could be late this week or early next week, depending on the rainfall that comes.

Exciting, fun days ahead!


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